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Founded in 1998, Tianjin Gongda Galvanizing Equipment Co., Ltd. focuses on the researching, designing, production, and marketing of advanced galvanizing solution. As a professional galvanizing equipment supplier in China, we can provide immersion heated hot-dip galvanizing kettle, immersion heater for hot-dip galvanizing, galvanizing line and its auxiliary equipment, and so on. These kinds of equipment are suitable for the galvanization of stripe steel, steel wire, structural steel, fastener, electrical fittings, steel pipe, and so on.

To provide customized galvanizing equipment and hot-dip galvanizing line, GONGDA can help you with the designing, manufacturing, installation, testing, and so on. Some related services are also available, such as workshop planning, production process designing, and equipment updating. In the last more than 10 years, we have built more than 100 galvanizing lines. These products went to many different countries and regions like the United States, Canada,India, Vietnam, Russia,South Africa, Bulgaria, Indonesia, and so on.

GONGDA works closely with the R&D team from Hebei University of Technology, so that the technical advancement could be quickly applied to our galvanizing machines. In 1998, GONGDA joined in the State Science and Technology Achievement Popularization Plan. Since then, we have made a range of technical breakthroughs, such as the zinc corrosion resistant immersion heater, ceramic hot-dip galvanizing kettle, flux regeneration solution, hot-dip Galfan coating line. Besides, we have got several invention patents. Specifically, the patented zinc corrosion resistant immersion heater has been widely used both at home and abroad for its high energy-efficiency, durability and desirable zinc-saving performance.

We are now one of the three authorized companies in China by the World Galfan Technology Center. The single layer Galfan coating line for steel wire and oxidation-reduction type Galfan coating line have been successfully applied to the industrial production.

As a part of the society, we value our social responsibility very much. For example, we settled a scholarship in Hebei University of Technology. This scholarship now has the longest duration and most money in the history of this college. We have established a human-oriented management system, and keep improving our technology level and product quality.