Tianjin Gongda Galvanizing Equipment Co., Ltd.

Are you searching for a reliable galvanizing equipment supplier in China? Check our advanced products before making the final decision. Tianjin Gongda Galvanizing Equipment Co., Ltd. focuses on the researching, designing, production, and marketing of advanced galvanizing solutions. Our products include immersion heated ceramic galvanizing kettle, immersion heaters for hot-dip galvanizing, galvanizing line and its auxiliary equipment, and so on. These kinds of equipment are suitable for the galvanization of stripe steel, steel wire, structural steel, fastener, electrical fittings, steel pipe, and so on. With our rich experience in the galvanizing industry, we have produced more than 100 galvanizing lines for our customers from many countries and regions like the United States, Canada, India, Vietnam, Russia, South Africa, Bulgaria, Indonesia, and so on. Welcome to contact us at any time on any questions about us. More