Immersion Heaters for Hot-dip Galvanizing

    1. Gas Fired Ceramic Immersion Heaters for Hot Dip GalvanizingThe nozzle controller will transfer the real-time signals to the remote control system which in return can activate the ignition, flame detection, signal treatment, and system operation. The LPG gas heater comes with a circulation reheating design, leading to a high heat efficiency of 60% ~ 70%.

GONGDA has more than 10 years of experience in the galvanizing equipment industry. We can provide various immersion heater for hot-dip galvanizing, such as electric ceramic immersion heater, electric alloy immersion heater, gas fired ceramic immersion heater, and so on. Besides, we also have ceramic galvanizing kettle, hot-dip galvanizing line, electro galvanizing line, environmental protection equipment for galvanizing line, and so on.

If you need immersion heaters for hot-dip galvanizing equipment, just see the details on the corresponding pages. Contact us if you have any questions on our products.