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Steel Wire Hot-dip Galvanizing Line (Oxidation-Reduction Type)

Oxidation-reduction type steel wire hot-dip galvanizing (Zn/Galfan)

GONGDA is anintegrated galvanizing solution provider in China. The oxidation-reduction type steel wire hot-dip galvanizing is a variation of the Sendzimir process. As one of the most eco-friendly and energy saving hot-dip galvanizing technologies, this type of technique is especially used for low carbon steel wire, while, at the very beginning,Sendzimir process is applied to the steel plate galvanizing. During the pretreatment of the oxidation-reduction galvanizing line, reducing gas will be used for the reduction of oxide on the metal surface before the galvanizing. Thus the acid rinsing and flux solution treatment will be saved.

Our R&D department spent more than 5 years in the adaptation of Sendzimir process to make it suitable for the low carbon steel wire hot-dip galvanizing. A great success was achieved after a series of hard works. The high efficiency steel wire galvanizing machines were successfully put on the market.

Advantages of the galvanizing equipment
1. Environmental protection
The oxidation-reduction method can reduce the oxides on the surface of the steel wire chemically, rather than by acid rinse and flux solution treatment. Accordingly, the production cost and pollutants are both greatly lowered.

2. Energy saving
After annealing in the reducing furnace, the 500℃ steel wire doesn’t need to be cooled, but get galvanized directly in the galvanizing kettle. The advantages of this low carbon steel wire hot-dip galvanizing include lower energy consumption, shorter galvanizing time, about one third shorter galvanizing kettle, and smaller investment on equipment.

3. High efficiency
The hot steel wire goes into the galvanizing kettle directly, achieving higher reaction speed between steel wire and molten zinc solution, as well as higher production efficiency.

Specification of the galvanizing equipment
Steel wire: low carbon steel
Diameter: 1.6~4.5mm
Plating thickness: 150~450g/m2
Wire number: 6~24 wires

Process flow of the oxidation-reduction type steel wire hot-dip galvanizing line
Wire feeding - electrolytic alkaline rinse - hot water rinse - surface activation - oxide reducing and annealing - tempering - hot-dip galvanizing (electricity/natural gas/ liquefied petroleum gas) - wiping (nitrogen/oiled charcoal) - air/water cooling - post treatment (passivation/waxing) - wire take-up (inverted type/spool type)

Main production equipment
  • Spool type vertical wire pay-off machine
  • Spool type horizontal wire pay-off machine

Spool type wire pay-off machine
The vertical wire pay-off machine of our low carbon steel wire hot-dip galvanizing is suitable for wire with high coil weight, and comes with a damping tension control unit is available.

Electrolytic degreasing bath

Electrolytic alkaline rinsing bath
The rinsing bath is welded by reinforced PP plate, and an extracorporeal circulation solution preparation tank is available, insuring the stability of the bath solution and the convenience of the dirt cleaning

  • Water rinsing bath
  • Overflow type water rinsing bath

Water rinsing bath
The rinsing bath of our low carbon steel wire hot-dip galvanizing is welded by PP plate. The overflow type circulating rinsing mechanism and an air knife are both available. Thus great cleaning performance can be guaranteed, and less sewage will be produced.

Activation bath
The activation bath is welded by reinforced PP plate. A heating device and air knife are available for getting cleaner steel wire surface.

  • Reducing and annealing furnace
  • Reducing and annealing furnace

Reducing and annealing furnace
The annealing furnace is a kind of tubular muffle furnace that could be heated by electric or gas. The high temperature resistant 2520 type stainless steel is adopted for the furnace tubes which are flooded with reducing gas (Nitrogen and hydrogen produced by an ammonia decomposition machine). Annealing furnace comprises pre-heating section, heating section, stabilizing section, and heat conservation section. A multi-point temperature control system is designed for the high precision temperature control.

Tempering furnace

Tempering furnace
In our low carbon steel wire hot-dip galvanizing, the electric or gas heating furnace comes with a hot air circulation mechanism. The frame of the furnace is welded by stainless steel, while the lining is made of high temperature resistant aluminium silicate fiber. To maintain the temperature at the steel wire outlet according to the technical requirement, a automated temperature control system is available.

  • Electric ceramic galvanizing kettle
  • Gas fired galvanizing kettle

Ceramic hot dip galvanizing kettle (Zn/Galfan)
The internal heating ceramic galvanizing kettle is a kind of advanced zinc-plating industry. Its heating efficiency could reach more than 80%. Limited zinc dross will be produced and the zinc consumption is also very low. The service life could be more than 10 years, while the temperature control accuracy is ±2℃. Thus the quality of the product from our steel wire hot-dip galvanizing line is quire stable.

Steel frame
The frame is made of reinforced steel which can provide great stability. A wire take-up machine is connected with the frame by bridging connection to facilitating the production.

  • Nitrogen wiping equipment
  • Oiled charcoal wiping (for zinc plating only)

Zinc coating wiping method of the steel wire hot-dip galvanizing line
1. Oiled charcoal for low speed galvanizing (zinc consumption: 150~300g/m2)
Advantage: The operation is quite simple and only a small investment is needed. Disadvantage: The galvanizing speed should be less than 20m/min. The thickness of the zinc layer can not be controlled accurately. A large amount of oil fume will be produced, causing serious air pollution.

2. Nitrogen wiping
Advantage: This contactless wiping method can precisely control the zinc layer thickness by adjusting the gas pressure. It is suitable for high speed production. The operation is quite simple, and the zinc consumption is significantly lowered. In addition, no oil fume is produced during the whole process. Disadvantage: The investment is larger than the other methods.

Air/water cooling

In our steel wire hot-dip galvanizing line, the air cooling and water cooling are combined together to cool the steel wire rapidly. Thus we can effectively control the thickness of the zinc-iron alloy layer, and enhance the smoothness of the galvanized steel wire.

Inverted wire take-up machine

Wire take-up machine
1. In our steel wire hot-dip galvanizing line, the inverted take-up machine is commonly used for low/middle carbon steel wire with regular wire diameter (1.6~5.0mm) and medium wire coil weight (500~1000kg). The production speed should be 15~45m/min.

2. The spool type take-up machine is suitable for high/middle carbon steel wire with various wire diameter (1.6~8.0mm) and medium wire coil weight (above 1000kg).

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