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Steel Wire Galvanizing Line

    1. Steel Wire Hot-Dip Galvanizing Line

      As an advanced galvanizing equipment, our steel wire hot-dip galvanizing line comes with reasonable structure and a wide range of production capacity. The zinc-plating line will be described in detail ...

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    1. Steel Wire Electro Galvanizing Line

      As a professional electro galvanizing solution provider, we can manufacture high performance steel wire electro galvanizing line for various kinds of steel wires. Check the detailed information ...

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GONGDA maintains a close relationship with Hebei University of Technology. As a galvanizing equipment supplier, our R&D department and technology department comprise with several famous experts on the steel wire galvanizing line, and experienced engineering technicians. We aim at providing highly efficient, energy saving, and eco-friendly steel wire galvanization technology. Thus far, we have gained several patented technologies for our zinc plating line. We can provide one-stop service including designing, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, and so on.

GONGDA has designed or reconstructed several steel wire galvanizing lines in China. Our internationally leading technologies like single layer hot-dip Galfan coating, double layer hot-dip Galfan coating, hot dip galvanizing with reducing gas have been applied to the steel wire galvanizing line of many famous Chinese steel wire manufacturers, as well as a number of companies in the Southeast Asia, the Middle East, EU, and so on.