Galvanizing Line

    1. Steel Wire Galvanizing LineAs a galvanizing equipment supplier, our R&D department and technology department comprise with several famous experts on the steel wire galvanizing line, and experienced engineering technicians.
    1. Automatic Steel Pipe Galvanizing LineGONGDA is one of the famous plating equipment suppliers in China. Our automatic steel pipe galvanizing line features high automation degree, PLC control system, and fluted disc galvanizing method.

GONGDA, founded in 1998, is one of the most important galvanizing line manufacturers in China. We focus on the designing, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning of whole set of galvanizing equipment for various parts like strip steel, steel wire, structural part, fastener, electric power fittings, steel pipe, and so on.

Our main products include steel wire galvanizing line, structural steel hot-dip galvanizing line, fastener/electrical fitting galvanizing line, cast iron/malleable cast iron parts galvanizing line, and automatic steel pipe galvanizing line. With reliable galvanizing equipment, these galvanizing lines feature high productivity, eco-friendliness, energy-saving, easy operational procedure.

Our products have been widely recognized by our customers at home and abroad. If you have any questions, please contact us at any time.