Fume Filter

During the hot-dip galvanizing, you may need our fume filter to deal with the fume pollutant. The main components of the fume include the evaporated ammonium chloride and zinc chloride during the heating, and the evaporated aluminium chloride during the reaction between sovent and galvanising solution, as well as a little zinc oxide powder. As a pollutant filter for galvanizing, this filting device can effectively remove the pollutants in the fume.

To improve the working environment in the workshop and match the related environmental protection standards, you can install our fume filter on both sides of the galvanizing kettle to collect the pollutant. The fume filtering device features small air flow, great pollution control performance, stable working performance, and it won’t impact the galvanizing process.

The collected fume by fume filter will be suck into the dust collecting unit by the induced draft fan. The dust then will be collected by the filter bag and goes into a dustbin. The dust discharging system will move the dust away. Clean air will enter the air outlet pipe from the clean air room. Then it will be expelled into the atmosphere by the main draught fan.

A pulse dust removing machine will blow the dust away by de-oiled and dried nitrogen gas. It comes in two types, manual type and automated type. During the dust cleaning, a pulse valve under the control of PLC device removes the compartments one by one. The dust removing control system is available in two types, timer type or differential pressure type.

The air pressure difference between the outlet and inlet is interlocked with the filter bag type dust cleaning system of the fume filter. The automatic dust cleaning process can be controlled by a program or just works in the time sequence. The dust discharging system comprises dustbin wall vibrator, dust discharging valve, and so on. Besides, it has been interlocked with the filter bag type dust cleaning system.

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