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Semi-Automatic Drying Oven for Fastener Hot-Dip Galvanizing Lines

This semi-automatic drying oven, as an important piece of galvanizing equipment, is specially designed for fastener hot-dip galvanizing lines. As a kind of auxiliary equipment for galvanization, it can dry small galvanized fasteners, casting iron parts, steel nails, and so on.The oven comprises oven structure, conveying system, hot air circulation system, electric control system, and so on.

The conveying system of our semi-automatic drying oven has a stainless steel conveying belt for successive work, while the conveying speed is steplessly adjusted by a frequency converter. An air heating oven is available. With the inside stainless steel electric heater and circulating fan, the heating oven can keep conveying hot air into the drying oven.

The temperature in the semi-automatic drying oven can be steplessly regulated between 100 and 180℃ by a temperature controller. You can read the temperature real-timely on a digital display. The drying oven comes with a lining layer made of 316L steel plate. Thus the corrosion from the flux solution to the oven is reduced, and the service life is extended.

Parameter of the semi-automatic drying oven
Conveying method: conveying belt (successive conveying)
Conveying speed: 0.15~1.5m/min (steplessly adjustable)
Heating temperature: 100℃~180℃ (steplessly adjustable)
Max. workpiece size: 400mm (width) × 200mm (height)
Heating power: 30kW~60kW

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