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Zinc Corrosion Resistant Thermocouples

To enhance the service life of the thermocouples has been one of the most important issues during the galvanization. Our zinc corrosion resistant thermocouples for galvanizing come with corrosion resistant coat made of rare earth alloy. So the thermocouples have great zinc corrosion resistance and heat conductivity. The service life is usually 3~6 years.

This temperature sensor consists of a thermocouple core and the coating part. However, traditional coat is made of low carbon steel which has short service life (3~5 months) due to the serious corrosion by zinc. So it is advisable to choose durable zinc corrosion resistant thermocouples, making your galvanizing line more reliable.

Parameters of our zinc corrosion resistant thermocouples
Temperature range: 420℃~600℃
Type: Type K
Length of anti-corrosion part: 400mm
Total length: 1m
Service life: 3~6 years

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