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Acid & Alkali Resistant Fluid Heaters

As a kind of electric heater for galvanizing line, our acid and alkali resistant fluid heaters can be used for heating various corrosive fluids like the acid and alkali in the degrease bath and acid rinse bath of a galvanizing line. The heaters have great anti-aging performance and bendability, and low surface loading. The connectors are completely enclosed, so they are acid and alkali resistant.

The non-heating part of the corrosive fluid heating device and the overheating protective system are customizable according to your requirements, so the heaters won’t get burned. Besides, this anti-corrosive heater also features long service life, complete enclosure, anti-corrosion, good electric insulation, and reliable earthing system. Our acid and alkali resistant fluid heaters are available in various structures, like spiral structure and L-shaped structure for different applications. The heating temperature can reach as high as 110℃.

Parameter of the acid & alkali resistant fluid heaters
Power: 1~5kw (for regular applications)
Shape and type: Spiral shape, Type L
Length: 600~1200mm

1. The electric heating tubes of the acid and alkali resistant fluid heaters are made of 316 or 304 stainless steel, while the coat is made of highly anti-corrosive insulating material.
2. The power per unit area is as low as 1.5 W/cm², making the service life of the heaters quite long.

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