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Centrifuge Machines for Fastener Galvanizing

Our centrifuge machines for fastener galvanizing are professional hot-dip galvanizing machines for small parts like fasteners. As a part of the fastener galvanizing equipment, these machines can effectively control the coating thickness, surface smoothness, and so on. They have been widely recognized by our customers at home and abroad.

To make our centrifuge machines for fastener galvanizing more cost-effective, we have made a lot of efforts to lower the zinc consumption, labor cost, and labor intensity. The startup and shutdown of this zinc removing machine for galvanization are both controlled by a pneumatic switch, instead of human operation. An electromagnetic brake is used for the braking. The residue zinc on the workpiece surface can be removed within 1.5s, and the zinc coating layer is excellent in thickness and smoothness. By retrieving the surplus zinc, the zinc consumption can be reduced by more than 15%.

Feeding weight 15~16Kg Dynamic torque 16Kg/m
Working temperature ≤70 ℃ Exciting voltage 24V
Charging hopper dimension Ф340×300mm Bearing capacity (charging hopper + workpiece) 40ZKg
Motor power 5.5kW Stroke time 1.5~3s
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